Workshops and Lectures

Something I worked on in my residency over the past year has been giving lectures and workshops on how to make the design process iterative, inclusive, and focused on research even in “agile” forms. 


In workshop settings, I show designers and “non”-designers alike how to research, ideate, and prototype in 90-120 minute sessions. 

After my work with, I wanted to prop up their mission and current work in a workshop environment; something I find helpful and purposeful is workshops in which the “case study” being worked on is presented by a non-profit, organization doing compelling social innovation work, etc. 

Thus, at 99U, I gave a workshop alongside Tea Ho at that asked participants to research, ideate, and prototype for a solution within the space of charitable donations for classrooms. 

Below is the 99U description of my workshop: 

If you’re interested in having me give a workshop or lecture, drop a line!